Subtle Energy Healing
by trained healing practitioner members of the
International Network for Energy Healing (INEH)

The next course is scheduled to commence March 2019

Energy Healing is a specific approach to Spiritual Healing and focuses on the energy field of the individual.  The energy field is sometimes known as the “subtle bodies” and is the link between the spiritual and the physical aspects of a human being. The practitioner does not touch the physical, but works at a distance of  twelve inches (30cm) or more from the body. 

Our practitioners do not claim to heal, but rather to enable the individual through their own healing process.  Many people have gained considerable benefit from this healing work.

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By Dinah Lawson, Fellow of the International Network of Energy Healing

Most complementary therapies work to rebalance the ‘life energy’ of an individual, recognising that blocked or disturbed energy is often the cause of illness or negative symptoms. Spiritual Healing, in particular, regards the life energy as soul or spirit – and it is this that gives life to the form. This energy flows through and around each of us in a very specific way, creating a subtle energy field which informs and gives vitality to our physical form.

Eastern philosophies have understood this for thousands of years and this is expressed to the Western mind, and in our time particularly, through the practices of yoga and acupuncture.

Subtle Energy Healing is a specific approach to spiritual healing, based on working with a person’s energy field – or subtle bodies – and outlined in the book Esoteric Healing by Alice Bailey. The word ‘esoteric’ comes from the root meaning ‘further within’.

The orgins of this work go back to the 1960s, when a group of people in the south of England who were interested in spiritual healing began to explore ways to work with the energy field. One of their number, Brenda Johnston, who was studying Alice Bailey’s writings with the Arcane School, put the practical work of this group and the theory found in Alice Bailey’s books together. She then began to give talks about this approach at various spiritual festivals in the 1970s at the invitation of Douglas Baker, a well known doctor of esoteric philosophy.

After finding so much interest, Brenda created courses to teach Esoteric Healing (now called Subtle Energy Healing). A larger group of Esoteric Healing practitioners became established and in 1982, formed a network – the International Network of Esoteric Healing – that later became a registered charity.

The network has been renamed the International Network of Energy Healing (INEH), as the word Esoteric was confusing to some people. This network now has many hundreds of members, with more than 75 teachers and trainee teachers operating worldwide in countries including Australia, Germany, Greece, the Netherlands, North America and the United Kingdom.

Allowing life force to flow

The first law of Esoteric Healing states: “All disease is the result of inhibited soul life, and that is true of all forms in all kingdoms. The art of the healer consists in releasing the soul, so that its life can flow through the aggregate of organisms which constitute any particular form.” (Page 5, Esoteric Healing by Alice Bailey, published by Lucis Press)

So what does the healer do to release the life of the soul? First of all we recognise that there is no such person as a ‘healer’, although we tend to use the term as it is easier than ‘healing practitioner’. No practitioner can claim to heal – it is the client’s own soul, or their own intrinsic life energy, that does the healing.

Many people are aware, often unconsciously, of the subtle energies of others. It is possible to expand this awareness to consciously sense and allow a rebalance of these energies to facilitate a healing process.

A Subtle Energy Healing practitioner would typically work through the following process:

1. To centre and align to his/her own soul and thus to the Source of Life.

2. To attune to the person with whom he/she is working and ask “that healing be given in accordance with the will of that person’s soul”.

3. To sense the energy field of that person and offer healing energy as it is needed. Note the word ‘offer’ as that is very important – there is no forcing involved. The other key word is ‘allow’. This energy flow may energise or, in some cases, ease and calm. As the field balances and opens, then the life energy of the individual can flow more freely. But there are also occasions when the healing work may not be appropriate and there will be no resulting flow of energy from the practitioner.

Focus on etheric field

The energy field (or subtle bodies) of an individual consists of the etheric, emotional and mental aspects. It is the etheric field that is the primary focus of this healing work, as it is the main link between the physical and the more subtle aspects of a person.

The etheric consists of thousands of lines of force known as ‘nadis’ (a Sanskrit term) which form a definite pattern through and around the physical form. Where the nadis cross, there are energy centres which are known in yoga philosophy as ‘chakras’, although Bailey does not use that term in Esoteric Healing.

There are three major nadis which flow upwards along and around the spinal column, crossing at intervals. Where these nadis cross, there are seven major energy centres: five behind the spine, whose energies then flow right through the body (the Base, Sacral, Solar Plexis, Heart and Throat); one in front of the brow (the Ajna); and one above the head (the Crown). As well as these seven major centres, there are many lesser energy centres.

Each of the major centres relates to a specific endocrine gland, as well as certain organs and systems of the body. They also relate to the subtle emotional and mental bodies, which are often the cause of any inhibition or disturbance to energy flow. For example, most of us are aware how often emotional turmoil or disturbance can affect the Solar Plexus region and thus the digestive processes.

A Subtle Energy Healing practitioner is able to sense which of the major energy centres are out of balance and therefore identify which of the glands, organs and/or systems of the body may need attention. They use their hands to direct energy at a distance of at least twelve inches (30cm) from the body, plus the focus of their minds.

Meditation a key part of treatment

Subtle Energy Healing training also includes meditation practice, so all qualified practitioners are meditators and learn to hold a meditative state while they work. It is understood that the

meditative state can be transmitted from person to person, and research has shown that the synchronised brain waves of the healer/meditator can have a beneficial effect on the person with whom they are working, enabling their brain wave rhythms to become calmer and more synchronised as well.

As a result, healing clients usually become more relaxed and calm during a treatment. Sometimes they can feel the movement of energy in their body and certain thoughts and feelings can also surface. A healing session usually lasts for about thirty minutes plus time for talking, but the work can continue for some time afterwards.

Generally about six or seven healing sessions at intervals of one to three weeks are offered, and some clients return once a year for a ‘top up’. Many report a beneficial physical effect and sometimes other impacts, such as positive subtle changes in their lives or their attitudes.

Perhaps the energies of their souls are less inhibited and can therefore flow more freely through the “aggregate of organisms” that constitute their form (physical, emotional and mental bodies) to find greater expression in their lives.

Dinah Lawson teaches Subtle Energy Healing from The Hayloft in Emsworth, Hampshire. The next course starts with an introductory weekend on 14/15 September 2019 and will run over 12 weekends for a two-year duration. Course fees are deliberately priced to be affordable at £125 per weekend (a total over the two years of £1500). Concessions are also available where there is genuine need. For more information, please contact Dinah on 023 92 412499 or by email at Dinah.Lawson@btinternet.com. Also see www.thehayloft-emsworth.org.uk and www.ineh.uk