Subtle Energy Healing
by trained healing practitioner members of the
International Network for Energy Healing (INEH)

The next course is scheduled to commence March 2019

Energy Healing is a specific approach to Spiritual Healing and focuses on the energy field of the individual.  The energy field is sometimes known as the “subtle bodies” and is the link between the spiritual and the physical aspects of a human being. The practitioner does not touch the physical, but works at a distance of  twelve inches (30cm) or more from the body. 

Our practitioners do not claim to heal, but rather to enable the individual through their own healing process.  Many people have gained considerable benefit from this healing work.

We offer a two-year part-time training course in Subtle Energy Healing. See COURSES

Plus “drop in” healing sessions on Tuesday afternoons.

The Energy Healing Deepening Practice Group Days –  Contact Dinah (dinah.lawson@btinternet.com) for details