We offer a two-year part-time training course in Subtle Energy Healing. 

The course is accredited by the International Network for Energy Healing (INEH) which was established in 1982 to regulate, harmonise and promote Energy Healing and is now a registered charity. 

The teacher is Dinah Lawson, a fully accredited practitioner and teacher member of the INEH. 

The course is taught over a series of weekends, approximately one per month, for six weekends of each of the two years. 

Ongoing assessment includes reading, written and practical assignments, which the students can complete in their own time. (Assignments are optional)

All complementary therapies work to rebalance the “life energy” of an individual, recognizing that blocked or disturbed energy is often the cause of illness or negative symptoms.

This energy flows through and around each of us in a very specific way, creating a subtle energy field which informs and gives vitality to our physical form. The energies generated by emotional and mental states also affect this field.

Most people are aware, sometimes unconsciously, of the subtle energies of others.  The Healing Course teaches how to expand this awareness and consciously sense and rebalance energy to facilitate a healing process.

The syllabus also covers basic anatomy and physiology, spiritual philosophy, some psychological understanding and listening skills and students are taught how to meditate and to develop this skill. 

More than 50% of the course is practical “sensing” work, so participants will receive as well as give, and some personal healing may take place.  Previous students say that the course has benefited their lives in many ways.

The next course begins the weekend of September 26/27 2020

For further details contact
Dinah Lawson:

1. Meditation classes: beginners & deepening  –  certain Monday evenings.

Dinah Lawson (01243 459532)

The next course begins on Monday 5th March 7.30pm