Welcome to the Hayloft

The centre is non-sectarian and is open to various approaches to spirituality.
It is hoped that the centre offers a place of inner peace and tranquility to all
who visit, and thus contributes to healing in a general sense as well as
through its actual healing work and seminars.


Weekly Classes
The Hayloft holds regular weekly classes in Meditation, Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi and Spiritual Healing.

Courses & Workshops
A programme of courses and workshops are run throughout the year.

We have recently published an article for the Soul Voyagers Network, here is an extract, you can find the full article on the healing page.


By Dinah Lawson, Fellow of the International Network of Energy Healing

Most complementary therapies work to rebalance the ‘life energy’ of an individual, recognising that blocked or disturbed energy is often the cause of illness or negative symptoms. Spiritual Healing, in particular, regards the life energy as soul or spirit – and it is this that gives life to the form. This energy flows through and around each of us in a very specific way, creating a subtle energy field which informs and gives vitality to our physical form.

Eastern philosophies have understood this for thousands of years and this is expressed to the Western mind, and in our time particularly, through the practices of yoga and acupuncture.

Subtle Energy Healing is a specific approach to spiritual healing, based on working with a person’s energy field – or subtle bodies – and outlined in the book Esoteric Healing by Alice Bailey. The word ‘esoteric’ comes from the root meaning ‘further within’.